The Adventures of Haremann and Harebert

Life isn't easy when you're two crocheted rabbits.

Ursulas Den: The Kotatsu, Part 1

So, I dug myself into a hole which was miniature in theme only. You see I had a fairly good idea how the table should look, but when it came to how to make it I realised that it can't be made to fold into the recess and have a removable table top too.

I gave blood, sweat and tears for this table!

I wasted a couple of hours trying to think up clever little hinges, redesigning the table a few times, then going back to the very first draft.

Cue the lightbulb moment. I will never show when the table is half folded, nor will I make a video either so why do I punish myself with this? (If you have an idea, do share! :)

Okay, so I don't have to make hinges but then how do I affix the legs to the rest?

The solution was: magnets and gravity!

Yep that is a finished table on the right.

I glued in those corner pieces to the recess mainly to hold the table top and frame at the correct height, and also to have a thicker base where I can put the magnets which will hold the legs.

Hidden table under the tatamis

When I said that I bled for this I really meant it, see those carved table legs.... looks good, right? You can't even see the blood stains!

No bloodstains visible

I do dream of a proper workshop but knowing myself I still wouldn't put these legs into a vice even if I had one. The injury itself wasn't too bad, a split second before I felt "ooh, this will hurt", I managed to slow down the blade so it didn't cut very deep. After a 10 minute injury time I was back on the field, this time I was a bit more careful mainly because I couldn't use my left thumb without pain. This was my first mishap with sharp tools since I took up miniature making.

At some point I will add magnets to the top of the legs and table top too

So the legs are held in place with magnets, the carved bit of the legs holds the frame and on it the table top. You might ask, but why didn't you glue the top and frame together? The reason is because I want the option to put a mini blanket between the frame and the table top (the blanket is a later project, Ursula won't need it 'till winter)

Table is up and standing still!

And best of all, while the table is up I have two extra tatami mats, which is handy if Ursula has non-bear sized visitors who can use them as booster pillows.

The table couldn't have been possible without gravity so we turned it back on after Bert and Ursula had their fun
Its good to have floors I can push pins in.