The Adventures of Haremann and Harebert

Life isn't easy when you're two crocheted rabbits.

About me

It all started with a simple crochet project and the realisation that there aren't many good colours of cotton yarn available.

So I started dyeing my own. It took a lot of trial-and-error, and a bit of brushing up on long-forgotten chemistry studies from school, but the result didn't disappoint.


Then came the earrings, for which, owing to a distinct lack of pierced ears, I had no use whatsoever. So I started selling them online and at local craft markets. The colour of hand-dyed yarn is never entirely uniform, which makes it all the more suitable for organic themes like leaves and fruits.


As you can see, Haremann and Harebert were originally created as mascots for the market displays, but as rabbits so often do, they started to grow on me and here we are.